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Scared Emoji 😨

Do you want to know what the scared emoji means? Or probably want to know how to type this 😨 emoji? Before we dive in, its official Unicode name is the “Fearful Face Emoji 😨” but also may be referred to as the Scared Face 😨. Sometimes it is mentioned as the Nervous Emoji.

It is depicted as a blue-shaded face with round eyes, an open frown, a wide downturned gaping mouth, and raised eyebrows. The blue shading at the top is used to represent a pale face as in so shocked that you lost your color.

What Does Scared Emoji Means (Meaning)

This emoji is used to express the feeling of being in shock or in disbelief. It expresses amazement, horror, or fear. Generally, in most cases, it is been used whenever the user wants to express fear about a subject or a topic of discusion. The sad emoji could be used to express feelings such as amazement, shock, sadness, someone being upset and cold. It is also used to express concern and angst.

Also Known As

This emoji can be referred to as or sometimes called:

shocked emoji, screaming emoji, omg emoji, shocked face emoji, gasp emoji

How to type Scared Emoji (Copy and Paste)

Whenever You wants to use Scared Emoji Emoji in Text all you need to do is simply copy this to your clipboard and paste it in the particular context you want to use it in or better still, click on the button below to copy & Paste



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😨 History Table


Unicode Code Point U+1F628
HTML-code 😨
CSS-code \1F628
Unicode version: Unicode 6.0 (2010)
Emoji version: Unicode 1.0 (2015)

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