Frustrated Emoji 😤

Do You want to know what Frustrated emoji Means?  or you probably want to know how to type this 😤 emoji? before we dive in: this emoji is officially known as Face with Steam From Nose or Face With Look of Triumph Emoji, and it is usually used to denote negative emotions such as frustration and anger.

It is displayed as a yellow frowned face with closed eyes, furrowed eyebrows, with two puffs of steam (visible breath) dropping from its nostrils. it was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

What Does Frustrated Emoji Means (Meaning)

This Emoji is used to show negative emotion in text, emotions like frustration, irritation, anger, contempt, stressed, aggression. For example, it can be used when you are trying to show how hard it to cope with the topic of discussion.

Although aside from the fact that it is used to show emotions such as anger it can also be used in the text as a form of showing dominance pride, authority, and power. It can be used in some instances to show a sign of victory after overcoming a rigorous task. The bottom line, the Arm emoji shows positivity, either from the sender, or the receiver.

Also Known As

This emoji can be referred to as or sometimes called:

disappointed emoji, triumph emoji, steam emoticons, stressed emoji, frustrated face

How to type Frustrated Emoji (Copy and Paste)

Whenever You wants to use Frustrated Emoji in Text all you need to do is simply copy this to your clipboard and paste it in the particular context you want to use it in or better still, click on the button below to copy & Paste


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😤 History Table


Unicode Code Point U+1F624
HTML-code 😤
CSS-code \1F624
Unicode version: Unicode 6.0 (2010)
Emoji version: Unicode 1.0 (2015)

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